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Hey folks! Welcome to the homepage for The Sex Actually Podcast. My name is Dave Neal, I'm a comedian and hopeless romantic. My cohost is my girlfriend, Tasha Courtney, a model and media personality. Together we interview comedians and other relationship gurus, talking about their sex and dating lives.

We want you to get laid and be happy. If relationships are your thing, we want you to have a fulfilling experience. If gallivanting around town is more your cup of tea, then we have some stories to share. Download all past episodes to your mobile device, and stream us on your commute to work, or while you do the laundry. Either way, put us in your ears.

Much love and happy podcasting!


Jul 17, 2018

Chris Scopo of 'The Suite Buddies Podcast' joins Tasha and Dave in studio. We talk about masturbating on airplanes, catching your girlfriend cheating, focusing on improving the self, being stuck on a fixed mindset versus a growth mindset and so much more!

The SAP dives into relationship based humor, good for the...

Jul 9, 2018

Solo episode alert! Hey folks, Dave Neal here (@dneaz). I'm wrapping up my east coast tour/ family vacation, and recapping some highlights of the last few weeks. I also talk about Jordan Peterson's '12 Rules For Life', his bestselling self help book that includes some simple steps we can take to better our lives, and...

Jul 2, 2018

Hannah Orenstein, dating editor for Elite Daily and former professional matchmaker joins the podcast to talk about her new book ‘Playing With Matches’ available now!
We discuss: attractiveness vs. status in a match, dealing with rejection, and life as a matchmaker. Here's a link to purchase her book:

Jun 25, 2018

Travis Clyburn joins Dave Neal to talk about dealing with being cheated on, learning how to battle jealousy, and what to do when communication fails in the relationship, how to know if a girl is into you, and so much more! Subscribe on Apple Podcasts and share with some friends!

The SAP aka Sex Actually is a movement of...

Jun 18, 2018

Jade Catta-Preta joins Tasha Courtney and Dave Neal to talk Pride Week, regaining the self after a long term relationship, pursuing standup comedy and performing in Brazil. Finding porn and masturbating as a teen, fuck buddies, first kisses, avoiding exes and more!

The SAP aka Sex Actually is a movement of creative...