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Hey folks! Welcome to the homepage for The Sex Actually Podcast. My name is Dave Neal, I'm a comedian and hopeless romantic. My cohost is my girlfriend, Tasha Courtney, a model and media personality. Together we interview comedians and other relationship gurus, talking about their sex and dating lives.

We want you to get laid and be happy. If relationships are your thing, we want you to have a fulfilling experience. If gallivanting around town is more your cup of tea, then we have some stories to share. Download all past episodes to your mobile device, and stream us on your commute to work, or while you do the laundry. Either way, put us in your ears.

Much love and happy podcasting!


Nov 11, 2019

Comedian and podcaster May Wilkerson (Crazy; In Bed)  joins the podcast. We talk about the different political leanings of families, having empathy, searching for humor in a relationship, plus a passion for Christmas movies and so much more. 

The SAP is a freeform chat about dating, relationships, motivation and keeping...

Nov 4, 2019

Actor and comedian Alyssa Limperis joins the pod to discuss how to pursue a creative life and make the leap of faith. We discuss her long distance relationship, and how to make it work. Also, a discussion on love languages, and learning to GIVE the love you to need to yourself.

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Oct 28, 2019

We're back to discuss the best Halloween costume ideas plus good ice breakers for a Halloween hook up, the Psychology of why we dress sexy versus funny on Halloween and the full proposal story from our journey to Thailand.

The SAP is a freeform chat about dating, relationships, motivation and keeping a positive outlook...

Oct 21, 2019

Our guest this episode is Petra Kolber. She is an author, speaker and wellness leader known for her book 'Perfection Detox: Tame Your Inner Critic, Live Bravely and Unleash Your Joy'. We discuss ways to help recover from the need to be perfect. 

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Oct 14, 2019

Lauren Lograsso, host of the 'Unleash Your Inner Creative' podcast joins us with returning guest, comedian Jordan Leer, to talk about some inspiring ways to make sure we are using our creative minds to the highest potential. Lauren also produces Girlboss Radio with Sophia Amoruso and Goop with Gwyneth Paltrow!

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