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Hey folks! Welcome to the homepage for The Sex Actually Podcast. My name is Dave Neal, I'm a comedian and hopeless romantic. My cohost is my girlfriend, Tasha Courtney, a model and media personality. Together we interview comedians and other relationship gurus, talking about their sex and dating lives.

We want you to get laid and be happy. If relationships are your thing, we want you to have a fulfilling experience. If gallivanting around town is more your cup of tea, then we have some stories to share. Download all past episodes to your mobile device, and stream us on your commute to work, or while you do the laundry. Either way, put us in your ears.

Much love and happy podcasting!


Feb 20, 2018

Audrey Bradford joins Tasha and Dave to talk about instagram fame, how to date in a social media world, and offers men help on being less creepy. Dave shares the story about how a giant box of sex toys arrived at the compound, and a review on cock ring vibrators.

The SAP (Sex Actually Podcast) is a sex-positive open...

Feb 13, 2018

Our sexual Valentine's Day episode is here! Lauren Marie aka @lomariee joins Dave and Tasha for a fun chat about how guys blow chances with hot girls. Lauren shares a story about a guy who slid into her dm's but couldn't 'play it cool'. Learn from his mistakes! We offer tips to help prevent people from feeling desperate...

Feb 7, 2018

Hey friends! Dave and Tasha here. We break down the ways to handle resentment, its a really helpful guide I think we can all use. Also, we read some sex and dating questions from Reddit.

-How can you tell if you're interested in someone? Good friend or crush?

-How do you know if you're right for each other? My...

Jan 30, 2018

Griff Pippin @GriffPippin joins Dave @dnealz and Tasha @tashacourtney on this hilarious episode. Griff offers advice on how authenticity helps with standup and dating, and how to get a crowd to like you in the first ten seconds.

Sex Actually is a podcast that provides hilariously real life stories from comedians, diving...

Jan 23, 2018

Aidan Park, hilarious comedian, joins Tasha Courtney and Dave Neal for a Sunday Brunch episode. We dive into talk about coming out as a gay man, leaving South Korea for the USA, growing up without a Dad, and so much more.

Sex Actually is a podcast that provides hilariously real life stories form comedians, diving into...