This week we answer some listener emails, talking about long distance relationships, being ghosted on (a recurring theme)and the etiquette of watching other couples have sex. Hope you enjoy, feel free to email your own sex or dating questions. We meet Meg from Missouri who was married at 23, divorced at 28. We chat with Karyn A who had brilliant advice on being ghosted on, 'Without closed doors we could never be introduced to what we need'. Also, Lenny talks about his relationship going long distance and Mike from San Diego explains what its like being a bachelor in his 40's.

Sex Actually is a podcast that talks about dating and relationships in a social media world. Our aim is to improve communication, spread love and have a fun and enriching life. We discuss codependency, and searching for the best version of ourselves. Dave Neal is a standup comedian from Rhode Island, Tasha Courtney is a model and actress from Kentucky. They bring on other comics and dating & relationship gurus to talk all things sex, actually.

Past guests include Corinne Fisher and Kystyna Hutchinson from The Guys We F****d podcast, Bobby Lee from Tiger Belly & Carlie Craig from MadTV, Nikki Glaser from Comedy Central & MTV, Brett Dier from Jane The Virgin and other comics seen on Comedy Central, Matthew Broussard & Brian Moses from Roast Battle, Erica Rhodes, and others from Netflix and HBO, The Comedy Store, Conan O'Brien, The Improv, Laugh Factory, The Funnybone and many more.

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