As an added bonus to normal 'Sex Actually' podcasts, I'm gonna be releasing recap episodes of The Bachelor!

This episode feature The Bachelor, Ben Higgins, in his season 20 quest for love!

Don't watch The Bach, as it were? welllll, you should, and you can follow along with us as we discuss the psychology, the law of attraction, the law of seduction, how people talk their way out of a good thing, and all the other elements exposed on this guilt free dating show.

Thanks for checking it out!


Sex Actually is a podcast that talks about dating and relationships in a social media world. We breakdown dating with tinder, bumble and text game. We discuss codependency, and searching for the best version of ourselves. Dave Neal is a standup comedian from Rhode Island and brings on other comics and dating & relationship gurus to talk all things sex, actually. 

Past guests include Corinne Fisher and Kystyna Hutchinson from The Guys We F****d podcast, Bobby Lee from Tiger Belly & MadTV, Nikki Glaser from Comedy Central & MTV, Brett Dier from Jane The Virgin and other comics seen on Comedy Central, Matthew Broussard from Roast Battle, Erica Rhodes, and others from Netflix and HBO, The Comedy Store, The Improv, Laugh Factory, The Funnybone and many more.

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