This was an exciting podcast. We set up shop at a fun BBQ join in the heart of Los Angeles West Hollywood. We met a couple bar patrons, and they shared their stories along with offering up some advice.

'English Steve' says american girls are easier and shared his favorite pickup line.

A scottish dude talks about his date/affair as he's still married to someone else!

Ginny from Kentucky discusses online dating.

Mikey and Kelsey Darragh join us as well.

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 You Up The Podcast candidly discusses dating, relationships, sex and understanding members of the opposite sex through honest and funny dialogue. We are comics and hopeless romantics. Past episodes talk about one night stands, slut shaming, tinder, lulu, social media game, using dating sites effectively, AND SO MUCH MORE. With over 40 hours of advice, stories and industry interviews, you're sure to learn and laugh.

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