You Up is a podcast about relationships, or lack thereof. Gabi Conti and Dave Neal are friends, comedians, and failures at relationships. What we do know is what doesn't work. We share our stories, our dating lives and our misery all while trying to help others navigate this hostile and chaotic world of modern dating. Today's episode features a discussion on the new app 'LuLu', which is a site where women can anonymously post reviews on men they have dated. Dave Neal, (@dnealz) and Gabi Conti (@GMConti) discuss their views. Katie Haller (@halleratyou) phones in from NYC. Thanks for listening to our pilot episode. Please share, tweet, and rate us!


 You Up The Podcast candidly discusses dating, relationships, sex and understanding members of the opposite sex through honest and funny dialogue. We are comics and hopeless romantics. Past episodes talk about one night stands, slut shaming, date rape, feminism, tinder, chemistry and match makng,lulu, okcupid, hinge, how to give blow jobs, social media game, using dating sites effectively, AND SO MUCH MORE. With over 40 hours of advice, stories and industry interviews, you're sure to learn and laugh. Past guests include Bobby Lee, Christian Hudson (The Social Man), and other pick up artists, authors, dating coaches and relationship gurus!

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