Kaitlin Mamie joines the podcast. Returning guest and member of 'Cheap Smokes' comedy duo, Kaitlin talks about being ghosted on.

We also talk about which Jenner we would fuck, Kylie or Kendall. Dave explains his two pump chump story.

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Josh Morris joins Dave Neal for an indepth look at betrayal, unreached expectations and getting dumped in Europe. This episode has some serious tones but hopefully some lessons learned! Dating isn't easy, but we give it a shot.

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Bridget Phetasy joins the podcast. She is a writer and comedian and her articles on dating and relationships are featured in Playboy.

Some of her work, which can be found at www.playboy.com/authors/bridget-phetasy

'Naked Manifesto, Why I post nudes online'

'She Dates Assholes Because You're A Pussy'

'A Gentleman's Guide To Watching Adult Cinema With His Lady'

'Why I Do Give Blowjobs'

Check this girl out!



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This episode Valerie Tosi joins Dave Neal for another car cast.

We talk about protected sex versus unprotected, one night stands, living with a boyfriend and much more.

Thanks for checking us out!

We are comics who talk about dating, relationships, sex, online dating, and so much more!


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