Becky Robinson of MTV's Wild N Out joins the podcast for an episode recorded at Beach Nation in West Hollywood.

We talk about on again off again relationships and knowing when to call it quits.

Couples Massages, dating your friend and unhealthy relationships.

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Dave Neal chats with Du Kirpalani, author of 'Side Boobs' Dating Stories From a Gentleman's Perspective.

 Sex Actually is a podcast that blends the comedic world of Host Dave Neal, with the relationship world of this social media generation. We interview guests that are hopeless romantics, self professed sex addicts, strippers, standup comedians and everybody in between.

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This episode @TashaCourtney joins Dave. We discuss the pros/cons to dating a comedian and how Pick Up Artists say you should meet models. We also discuss night clubs and sleazy promoters.

'Sex Actually' is a podcast that discusses dating stories and offers sex, relationship and hookup advice.


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This episode I sit down with Tori Nopants on the balcony at The Standard in West Hollywood.

We discuss a wide variety of topics including but not limited to:

Butch and the boy

Cinco de my dick

fellate my fellatio

stoned and stoked

tori whori

random blonde girl rbg

thot process

spectrum of gay

finger the g chord

the bachelor recaps

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