Tasha Courtney joins Dave Neal for a sunday morning chat about feminism, where it goes right and wrong, and how men can feel a part of the conversation. Also, Dave talks about hanging out at Tasha's girlfriend's birthday dinner and the obnoxious ways girls take photos. This was a fun morning chat, I hope y'all enjoyed! Let us know by reaching out on our social media @sexactuallypod on IG and Twitter or email us at sexactuallypodcast@gmail.com

Topics get a little heavy as we discuss rape culture, social media trolls, picking sides in the argument, and searching for truth in the rubble. 


 Sex Actually is a podcast that talks about dating and relationships in a social media world. Dave Neal is a standup comedian from Rhode Island and brings on other comics and dating & relationship gurus to talk all things sex, actually.

Past guests include Corinne Fisher and Kystyna Hutchinson from The Guys We F****d podcast, Bobby Lee from Tiger Belly & MadTV, Nikki Glaser from Comedy Central & MTV, Brett Dier from Jane The Virgin and other comics seen on Comedy Central, Matthew Broussard from Roast Battle, Erica Rhodes, and others from Netflix and HBO.

Other news: Colin Kaepernick refuses to stand during the national anthem, supporting black lives matter. Kurt Metzger apologizes to feminists for his comments on the UCB rape issue, NFL is about to kick off, pumpkin spice latte season commences.

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