Luke Pechmann, competitive swimmer talks about his life competing as a swimmer, realizing goals, visualizing and so much more. We talk about yoga, self realization and being the gold medal we wish to attain in life. It was a great spiritual journey speaking with Luke.

Sex Actually is a podcast that talks about dating and relationships in a social media world. Our aim is to improve communication, spread love and have a fun and enriching life. We discuss codependency, and searching for the best version of ourselves. Dave Neal is a standup comedian from Rhode Island, Tasha Courtney is a model and actress from Kentucky. They bring on other comics and dating & relationship gurus to talk all things sex, actually.

Past guests include Corinne Fisher and Kystyna Hutchinson from The Guys We F****d podcast, Bobby Lee from Tiger Belly & Carlie Craig from MadTV, Nikki Glaser from Comedy Central & MTV, Brett Dier from Jane The Virgin and other comics seen on Comedy Central, Matthew Broussard & Brian Moses from Roast Battle, Erica Rhodes, and others from Netflix and HBO, The Comedy Store, Conan O'Brien, The Improv, Laugh Factory, The Funnybone and many more.

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