Tasha Courtney and Dave Neal (me) travel the Yucatan peninsula for a print campaign. We chat about our week long work vacation as we swim with turtles in a coral reef, plunge the deep sea with Whale Sharks and conquer Mayan ruins. This is an international episode, recorded from the resort. Hope you enjoy, share with friends and leave a message on social media!

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Katie Barbaro joins Dave Neal & Tasha Courtney to talk about life growing up in an all girl's school, taking risks, becoming a standup comedian and so much more! Hope you enjoy this episode. Make sure to write a review and share on social media!

The Sex Actually Podcast is a sex-positive adventure between comedians and other entertainment folk. Dave & Tasha interview friends about their dating lives and personal relationships. Lets get personal and weird.

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Dave solocasts this episode. I chat about the edible I took before I performed standup, and relate performance anxiety to meeting the opposite sex. Confidence, believing in the self and making eye contact can go a long way in building trust with strangers. Hope it helps! I also talk about the amazing job I'm about to go travel for, and share secrets. Thanks for listening!


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On This episode I (Dave) return from a vacation with Tasha's family in Mexico. I also recount the amazing family reunion in Rhode Island and describe how distance makes the heart grow fonder. I answer some listener emails about spicing up the sex life in marriage and how Emily from Kentucky is getting over her divorce. I so appreciate those of you opening up in such an honest way. I appreciate you!

Dave @sexactuallypod and @dnealz

'Sex Actually' is a podcast hosted by Dave Neal, a comedian from Rhode Island and his girlfriend Tasha Courtney, a model from Kentucky. We chat about relationships, family and becoming the best version of who we are meant to be. Sex Actually is a antislut shaming, sex positive experience. It's fun and honest, raw and real. Thanks for being a part of the family.

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Meredith Harris joins me, (Dave Neal) fort a hilarious chat about marriage, divorce, overcoming both. We chat about threesomes, polyamorous dating and how to 'play the field' to find the right match. Hope you enjoy this chat!

Dave @dnealz

The Sex Actually Podcast is a sex positive podcast. We talk about all things dating, family relationships, sex and so much more.

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