Channing Apodaca joins me (Dave Neal) for a chat about dealing with death, moving in with the girlfriend, and we talk about butt stuff.

The Sex Actually Podcast talks about sex, dating, and dealing with relationships, not being a jealous piece of shit, being a good guy and a superior man. Hope you enjoy this episode, stick around and catch up on all our past episodes.


Dave Neal @dnealz



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Tasha Courtney and Dave Neal talk about line dancing, and answer some of the internet's sex questions. Also, should Thai massages come with a happy ending?

Sex Actually is a sex positive podcast hosted by comedian Dave Neal and his better half, model Tasha Courtney. Candid talk about life, relationships and more, have a listen and share with some friends!





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I (Dave) sit down for a solo episode. I read an email from Christian discussing his breakup, and how the toxic relationship ended and rediscovering 'the self' post breakup.

Sex Actually is a podcast that discusses dating, relationships, heartache, codependency and so much more. Dave Neal is a comedian from Rhode Island. Hope you enjoy! If this provides you some value, pass along to your friends! Thanks

Dave @dnealz


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