Dana Moon (@DanaMoonMe) Doug Fager (@DougFager) and Gilbert Galon (@gilbits) join 'Sex Actually'.

We talk about Dana's recent comedy tour, getting laid after comedy shows and how often guys deal with rejection.

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Sex Actually, because Love was taken.

Thanks for Listening!

Dave Neal @dnealz


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Sex Actually, (formery The You Up Podcast) is joined by two talented young Hollywood Starlets:

Tasha Courtney (Insta & twitter @tashacourtney, snap @tashatv)

Paizley Laura (Insta,Twitter, Snap @PaizleyLaura)

We talk about Paizley's experience being the side bitch.

Tasha and Paizley take questions from their snapchat.

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Dave Neal


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This episode was recorded LIVE from a yard sale. Dave moves out of his old pad, selling his bro stuff, while Gilbert @gilbits entertains.

We talk about running into exes.

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We talk sex on the beach, sexcations, and how guys can ask girls for sex.

This is a comedic podcast, we talk sex and dating!

Our guests this week:

Tasha Courtney IG/T @tashacourtney Snap: @tashaTV

Laura Danowski @lauradanowski

Kaitlin Mamie @kaitlinmamie

Dave Neal @dnealz

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On this episode of the podcast formerly known as 'you up', Dave (dnealz) talks with regulars Gilbert (gilbits) and Josh (joshuadamorris)

We talk about Josh getting dumped, again...



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This episode was a blast. We recorded it at a bar in Los Angeles with special guests Jon Ryan, Dana Moon and David Sullivan. We talk about tinder, happn, and other dating apps. Jon explains his latest relationship and how it failed.

Thanks for checking us out!



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I sat down with Dave Gregory to talk about his new life as a vegan, sending unsolicited nude pics, being stuck in the friendzone and so much more.

You Up The Podcast talks relationships in a social media world. 

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WHat a crazy episode. We talk with a chick who cheated on her bf, and they are still friends. 

You Up The Podcast tackles sex, dating and relationship stories all in a social media world. Past episodes talk about slut shaming, tinder tales, threesomes and much much more. Have a listen, write to us on twitter @youupthepodcast

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Valentine's Day came and went, and I survived... barely. Here's my report card from my girlfriend and a chat with my bud Gilbert Galon from The Tiger Belly Podcast





Thanks for checking out 'You Up', where we candidly talk about sex, relationships and dealing with them in a social media world.

Past topics include slut shaming, tinder tales, one night stands and much more.

Thanks for listening!


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This episode I sit down with fellow Los Angeles comedians Franklin Yi and Jordan Leer.


We talk about Jordan's cheating past, Franklin delivering a girl to an abortion clinic and a whole lot more!

Hope you enjoy

Dave @dnealz


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