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Hey folks! Welcome to the homepage for The Sex Actually Podcast. My name is Dave Neal, I'm a comedian and hopeless romantic. My cohost is my girlfriend, Tasha Courtney, a model and media personality. Together we interview comedians and other relationship gurus, talking about their sex and dating lives.

We want you to get laid and be happy. If relationships are your thing, we want you to have a fulfilling experience. If gallivanting around town is more your cup of tea, then we have some stories to share. Download all past episodes to your mobile device, and stream us on your commute to work, or while you do the laundry. Either way, put us in your ears.

Much love and happy podcasting!


Sep 15, 2017

Tasha Courtney and Dave Neal talk about line dancing, and answer some of the internet's sex questions. Also, should Thai massages come with a happy ending?

Sex Actually is a sex positive podcast hosted by comedian Dave Neal and his better half, model Tasha Courtney. Candid talk about life, relationships and more, have a...

Sep 7, 2017

I (Dave) sit down for a solo episode. I read an email from Christian discussing his breakup, and how the toxic relationship ended and rediscovering 'the self' post breakup.

Sex Actually is a podcast that discusses dating, relationships, heartache, codependency and so much more. Dave Neal is a comedian from Rhode Island....

Aug 30, 2017

Tasha Courtney and Dave Neal (me) travel the Yucatan peninsula for a print campaign. We chat about our week long work vacation as we swim with turtles in a coral reef, plunge the deep sea with Whale Sharks and conquer Mayan ruins. This is an international episode, recorded from the resort. Hope you enjoy, share...

Aug 22, 2017

Katie Barbaro joins Dave Neal & Tasha Courtney to talk about life growing up in an all girl's school, taking risks, becoming a standup comedian and so much more! Hope you enjoy this episode. Make sure to write a review and share on social media!

The Sex Actually Podcast is a sex-positive adventure between comedians and...

Aug 17, 2017

Dave solocasts this episode. I chat about the edible I took before I performed standup, and relate performance anxiety to meeting the opposite sex. Confidence, believing in the self and making eye contact can go a long way in building trust with strangers. Hope it helps! I also talk about the amazing job I'm about to go...