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Hey folks! Welcome to the homepage for The Sex Actually Podcast. My name is Dave Neal, I'm a comedian and hopeless romantic. My cohost is my girlfriend, Tasha Courtney, a model and media personality. Together we interview comedians and other relationship gurus, talking about their sex and dating lives.

We want you to get laid and be happy. If relationships are your thing, we want you to have a fulfilling experience. If gallivanting around town is more your cup of tea, then we have some stories to share. Download all past episodes to your mobile device, and stream us on your commute to work, or while you do the laundry. Either way, put us in your ears.

Much love and happy podcasting!


Jul 31, 2014

What happens when you go on a Tinder date with someone who the only thing you have in common is liking Sriracha? Gabi and Dave find out on our second Undercover Tinder Date. Gabi met “Sriracha” (no, not the condiment, that’s his code name) on Tinder. Now they’re meeting in person for the first time, as Big...

Jul 22, 2014

Gabi sets up a Tinder date with Bill, and we mic up the whole thing! Dave and Gilbert Galon run commentary on the tinder date secretly. Half way through the episode we let Bill know were spying on him... Listen to what happens!


 You Up The Podcast candidly discusses dating, relationships, sex and understanding members...

Jul 15, 2014

Gabi explains her latest breakup, and how she is dealing with it. Do you unfriend the ex on social media or do you stay facebook friends to make sure they don't think you're crazy. Listen hear to find out!


You Up The Podcast candidly discusses dating, relationships, sex and understanding members of the opposite sex...

Jul 1, 2014

Dave Gregory joins Dave Neal for this 'one on one' episode of You Up.

Things get heavy quickly as both Daves dive right into family problems, and overcoming adversity. DG talks about recently losing his virginity, battling diabeties, being molested as a child and much more. 

We talk about being honest on stage, and...